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Beautiful waterfalls, Niagara Falls

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Jibril on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Niagara Falls is a tourist place in the United States, which is very famous for its beauty and really shows the greatness of the Creator. This waterfall is located on the border between Amerikas States state of New York and Ontario province in Canada. Called with Niagara because this waterfall is located in the Niagara River. The distance of this waterfall from New York about 27 km or 120 km from Ontario, Canada. This waterfall is actually not very high but the waterfall is very wide and well-known in the world and is a waterfall that has the most powerful water fall in North America.
If you visit the United States or Canada, do not come to this tourist place to witness the magnitude of Niagara Falls. Every day many who visit these tourist attractions. Some say Niagara Falls kakan better and more beautiful when viewed from Canada. If the view from the Canadian side at night, the waterfall will be highlighted by the lights that illuminate both sides. This resort is open from morning until night.

Not only the beauty of the waterfall, but often some rainbow that graced the waterfall. And at that Niagara Falls will look lovely and very beautiful. In tourist attractions Niagara Falls, New York also offers tourist cruises, then the passenger was taken to down a whirlpool under a waterfall. Aside from being a tourist attraction, Niagara Falls is also the largest hydroelectric power, especially in the United States.
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